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My Background

A self-taught illustrator, I devoured every book in our town's library as a child, determined to be a famous artist some day, challenging myself every day after school. Christmas 1980, a Paasche single-action airbrush was gifted to me by my parents, igniting a lifelong passion for highly-detailed spray-painting. I attended 1989 Airbrush Action's Getaways in San Francisco, CA & Orlando, Fl, learning many new shortcuts and special effect tricks to enhancing my arsenal. 


Airbrush Photo-Realistic Illustration

An unconventional business venture in 1989, prior to attending the Airbrush Action Getaways,I created a full-service general art business. The versatility of spray art to adhere to almost any surface, everything from photo-restoration to wall murals came my way, each presenting it's own set of challenges. Clientele and Associates: United States Postal Service, the Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall, First Investors, Jack-in-the-Box, the National Kennel Club of America, the International Australian Cattle Dog Association and many others.   

My Inspiration

I enjoy hiking in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes in nature. I love recreating plants and wildlife in my work.

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